About Us

Working closely with an international base of world-renown investment managers, lawyers, and financial authorities, Block.Law is creating a bridge between the blockchain spectrum and the investment world by providing a clear and legally compliant framework for tokenized companies and funds.

Block.Law builds a marketplace for legal services, advice and individual consulting. Our blockchain based platform ensures efficiency through semi-automated document preparation for the financial markets - a human link in legal services is always required, thereby requiring all of our documents and services to be reviewed by established and qualified attorneys.

In addition to providing a network of investors, marketers, developers, and the like to launch a company, Block.Law provides consulting services to early stage entities who have already issued tokens via and ICO/TGE. Block.Law enters into dialogue on behalf of a blockchain based venture with regulators and lawmakers to provide comprehensive education and transparent information to foster and facilitate the success of a venture.

Founded in 2017, Block.Law is a trusted partnership consisting of a core team of legal and technical experts. The Block.Law team has extensive experience in setting up and managing regulated financial entities, as well as developing automated investment interfaces and asset management tools while effectively working with regulatory authorities like FINMA.

With bases in Los Angeles, New York, Tel Aviv and Crypto Valley, Switzerland, Block.Law leverages its extensive network within the the most influential epicenters of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.